Park Air M7C Radio Controller

The Park Air M7C Radio Controller is a full function controller for up to 8 radios from the M7 VHF/UHF range.

To ensure the continuity of user interface the controller exactly copies the design of a radio front panel control head.

Flexible operations

Radio control is very flexible. Full control of the radio is possible locally from the front panel, or remotely from a dedicated control unit through an E1 link. The front panel controller can be removed and remotely connected to the radio by cable. Robust control software and an intuitive user interface make networking multiple radios and/or controllers simple.

Features and Benefits:

Radio channel control
For installations that do not require a full voice switch the M7C Controller is an ideal option to controller up to 8 assets from one position.
Remote control of M7 radios
The M7C controller provides control of all of the capabilities of the M7 Radio that are accessible from the radio front panel.
Role based security options
The M7C Controller provides three operator roles to restrict access to radio functions. Role based security means that each user can only access the radio functions that they are cleared to operate.
User interface
A High resolution electroluminescent display is supplemented by tactile soft keys and numeric keypad. The HMI menu system is simple and easy to use. USB and EPM key distribution device interfaces supplement the audio headset connector and loudspeaker.
Single Cable connection
For remote operation, the radio front panel may be detached and installed up to 10 m away using a single E1 cable. For longer distances a powered variant or the remote control unit is available.
Flexible mounting options are available to support your operational needs – console, rack or desk mounting

Key Specifications:

Up to 8 radios operated from a single controller
Full function remote control of radios
Role based security options
Common user interface with radio control head
Compact lightweight unit
Single cable connection


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