Park Air R4 MARC Server

The Park Air R4 MARC Server remote control and monitoring system (RCMS) delivers easy configuration of your network from a simple web interface, coupled with remote testing and monitoring.

R4 MARC Server is built up from a range of software and hardware options to provide a highly scalable RCMS.

Ease of Use, Scalability and Safety

R4 MARC Server is a suite of software and hardware designed for ease of use, scalability, and safety.

R4 MARC Server is designed to provide an easy interface for maintainers. All of the specialist software needed to operate the system is held on a web server, allowing users to interact with the server via any device on the local network with a standard web browser. The system has extensive customisation options for each user and role’s view.

Features and Benefits:

Intuitive user interface
R4 MARC Server uses a web browser interface to provide an intuitive system for users, which does not require the addition of proprietary software onto operator’s computer.
Scheduled maintenance
R4 MARC Server provides automation for actions such as main standby equipment switching and system backup. This allows you to free up maintainers time from manual tasks, whilst ensuring the safety and continuity of your system.
Future system growth
Every R4 MARC Server is configured to allow you to add up to 2000 assets with no additional licence fees. This reduces the cost of future projects when you need to expand your system.
Role and user based security
Safe and secure operation is enhanced through role-based security. Users can log in with a user-defined role and defined permissions. Roles are configured to make specific assets and capabilities available.
Pre-emptive maintenance
R4 MARC Server instructs built in test equipment to perform testing to a schedule that you create. This ensures that testing happens when it should, so problems are discovered and reported as early as possible.
Logging of system events
To further enhance system security and reliability, all user and asset events are logged. These logs can be easily interrogated via the reports module for analysis.
Alert options
R4 MARC Server offers an SMS alert and alarms option to free up more of your maintainers time. Up to ten on call engineers can have all relevant system alerts and alarms forwarded to them via SMS text message.
R4 MARC Server is designed to fit in with your system architecture. It can be supplied as a stand-alone system on a dedicated server, or as a software only product for installation on your existing physical or virtual servers.

Key Specifications:

Intuitive web browser based user interface
Scheduled maintenance and report events
Designed to support future system growth
Role and User based security
Logging of all system events
SMS alert and alarms option
Suitable for installation on virtual or physical servers
Robust redundancy options


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