Park Air S4 IP Controller

With an intuitive user interface, and simple, direct access to radio voice channels, the S4 IP Controller puts you in complete control of your communication system.

Compliant with the latest VoIP standards for ATC, the S4 IP Controller is ideal for use in airports, dispatch or last resort applications.

An Integral Part of Your Network

The S4 IP Controller supports multiple connections to one or more radios. A full range of channel configuration and main/standby features are included to suit a wide range of scenarios.

Key Features and Benefits:

Flexible Connectivity
Seamless connection and integration with all Park Air Radios as well as the R4 MARC Server for monitoring the device status. The S4 IP Controller will operate as an audio controller for any ED-137 compliant radio.
Multiple Radio Control
A single S4 IP Controller can be directly connected to up to 8 radio channels. In a system containing main and standby transmitters and receivers, this allows up to 32 radios to be controlled from a single S4 IP Controller. The main standby switching of Park Air radios can also be controlled automatically or manually from the S4 IP controller.
Frequency Control
The S4 IP Controller enables channel frequency to be changed from a single action ensuring all radios comprising a channel are updated simultaneously.
Built for Future Networking Standards
The S4 IP Controller conforms to all editions of EUROCAE ED-137 for VoIP interoperability and performance via two independently addressable IP ports. Facilities include audio access and monitoring, radio configuration, status monitoring, and main/standby operation
Intuitive Interface
Multiple-function touchscreen display. The S4 IP Controller’s 8″ display enables configuration of up to 8 radio channels, with controls for Rx, Tx, squelch override and PTT priority level. Controls for brightness and volume are also easily available from the main screen.
Multiple-Channel Operation
The interface allows receive channels to be selected simultaneously, enabling operators to monitor multiple channels, allowing reduced staffing during quieter periods. Ability to control key radio parameters such as transmitter power and receiver squelch threshold.
Flexible Audio Interfaces
Two front panel mounted self-locking sockets enabling the connection of two independent ATC headsets, allowing radio channels to be simultaneously monitored or controlled by a supervisor or trainer. The rear panel holds a further two headset inputs.
Safe and secure operation is enhanced through role-based security. Users can log in with a user-defined role and defined permissions user log in. Roles are set up typically by an operations manager, each role being configured to make specific channels and controller capabilities available.

Key Specifications:

All in one unit IP remote controller
ED-137 A, B and C compliant
8 main standby radio channels
100 frequency presets per channel
4 IP recorder sessions
8” TFT colour touchscreen
Desk, console or rack mounting
Size (hwd): 204 mm x 294 mm x 48 mm


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