Park Air Z4 RF Conditioning

Delivering the optimum combination of size and performance even in the toughest RF environments.

Designed to accompany our T6 radios, a choice of VHF and UHF manually tuned cavity filters is available, along with all accessories required to create star point or hybrid combiners in any configuration.

Designed for Performance

The Z4 range includes filters distinguished by their strong RF performance in an incredibly compact size, with a dual 80mm filter package.

The range truly meets the ‘fit-and-forget’ requirements for RF filtering and combining, requiring minimal maintenance. The Z4 filter offers very long service life due to the inherent simplicity of the design.

The Z4 range also includes bespoke solid state relay and splitter units to enable main/standby radio operations. The accessories have far higher lifetimes than traditional mechanical relays, which improves the availability of your communications system.

Features and Benefits

Small Physical Footprint
Z4 80mm iris coupled cavity filters require only half of a 2U cabinet position, while also exhibiting high selectivity for exceptional RF performance in the presence of strong interference.
Wide Choice of Accessories
Including isolators, splitters, relays, VSWR monitors and cables. Allowing you to build the ideal RF conditioning solution for any installation.
Channel combinations – Single or multiple antennas
Star-point and hybrid double bridge configurations are available to suit a wide range of performance requirements.
Ease of Use
Straightforward Main/Standby changeover solutions, as well as fast and simple installation without the need of tools.

Key Specifications:

Compact 80mm or high performance 170 mm cavity filters
Tuneable range: 112 MHz to 156 MHz; or 225 MHz to 400 MHz
Flexible combining and redundancy options
Up to 100W power handling


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